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What is Premix Online?

Premix online is an online discipleship training curriculum designed for students in grade 6 - 8. Using Zoom and our interactive training videos, students will learn how to share God's truth and live out their faith in practical ways. 


Each session at PREMIX ONLINE looks like this:

1. Zoom training with video sessions & activities

2. Missions experience in your city or neighbourhood

3. Online group debrief

How does it work?

When you register your group for Premix Online, you will be mailed a package containing Premix course notebooks, bracelets, course materials that coincide with each session's activity, as well as detailed instructions that help you facilitate Premix for your group. Once you've received these components, you will then distribute the resources to each student who signed up.

What do I need to run Premix Online?

Below are the services included in the Toronto Premix experience:

Computer or Laptop

In order to run Premix Online, each participant must have access to a computer and internet to attend virtually. Leaders hosting the event will need internet to access training videos and supplies.

Zoom Subscription Account

Leaders are highly recommended to have a Zoom Subscription to host online meetings with ability to share presentations, show videos with audio, and organize larger groups into small "Breakout" rooms for activities and discussions.

Method of Travel

For groups planning mission experiences in person, appropriate travel must be arranged for the entire group participating in Premix; depending on the mission experience chosen by the youth leader.

Volunteer Leaders

Optional, but recommended for larger groups to aid in activities, discussions and experiences.

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