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What is Remix Pop-Up?

REMIX Pop-Up is a self-directed 3-day discipling & equipping mission experience that you can run with your own youth group in your community. Instead of live/in-person training in the mornings, you will be provided with workbooks for each participant and online videos hosted by our REMIX trainers. This means that you can run REMIX anywhere, as long as you have some speakers and a screen! The daily flow is similar to our regular REMIX experience:

1. Morning interactive training videos           

2. Afternoon experiences together in your community           

3. Group debrief

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How does it work?

When you register your group for Remix, you will be mailed a package containing Remix course workbooks, bracelets, apparel, course materials that coincide with each afternoon experience activity, as well as detailed instructions that help you facilitate Remix for your group. If you can't run Remix Pop-Up on the designated dates, you can choose to run Remix at a time that works for you.

What you need to run Remix Pop-Up* 

Here is a list of prerequisites in order for to run a Remix Pop-Up in your church/group:

Meeting Place

In order to run a Remix Pop-Up, you must have a solidified meeting place for your students to gather and to run training in the mornings (9:30am - 12:00pm). We recommend a room in your church, or another space that is safe to talk and make noise.

Projector & Speakers

Each morning, you will be playing a pre-recorded video that is hosted and taught by our Remix trainers. You will need a blank wall or projection screen to display the video, and a speaker/PA system that can project audio to be audible throughout the room.

Wifi Connection

When running a Remix Pop-Up in your church or city, training will be delivered virtually. As such, you must have access to a steady, reliable wifi connection. If you are concerned about your wifi, start the videos well in advance and allow time for the training videos to buffer before you begin each day.

Method of Travel

Each afternoon, you and your students will depart on an afternoon experience activity located in your city. You will need a reliable method of transportation for your entire group.

Remix App

Once you register for Remix, we recommend that you download the Remix app for step by step instructions, Remix schedule, icebreaker ideas, question/activity prompts, and much more. You can watch a video tutorial on how to download the app here.

Volunteer Leaders

Optional, but recommended. 

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