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REMIX Toronto



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REMIX Online

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This is the early bird rate (until April 14).
Regular rate is 
$379 (until May 5).
Last chance rate is $399 (until May 31)


*Limited scholarships available to help offset costs if needed*

An Online or Pop-Up experience will include:

You can register your group for REMIX Online. You and your group will be sent:

6 video training sessions

In order to run REMIX, you must have a solidified meeting place for your students to gather and to run training in the mornings (9:30am - 12:00pm). We recommend a room in your church, or another space that is safe to talk and make noise.

REMIX workbooks

Each morning, you will be playing a pre-recorded video that is hosted and taught by our REMIX trainers. You will need a blank wall or projection screen to display the video, and a speaker/PA system that can project audio to be audible throughout the room.

REMIX ministry Experiences

Each day, you and your students will engage in an experience activity located in your community. You will need a reliable method of transportation for your entire group.

Next steps

Once you register for REMIX, we recommend that you download the REMIX app for step by step instructions, REMIX schedule, icebreaker ideas, question/activity prompts, and much more.

Tech support

Ensure you have adequate tech support for your REMIX experience.

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