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Fundraising Your Missions Experience:

We always want to make REMIX accessible to as many youth groups as possible. So, we have put together some fundraising ideas below to help your group with the costs of REMIX.


Calendar Card


This is a really easy way for your youth group to raise funds for REMIX!  Just encourage people to choose the number that corresponds to the date and the day they choose, which is the amount they will donate. 

Download your REMIX card below for April and May, and share it with your community in person and/ or all over social media!


Bingo Card


This is a popular and highly effective way to raise funds for REMIX. The bingo card allows people to choose a number off the board that they want to donate to your mission experience. The sum of this card is 630, which covers most of the registration and accommodation costs for one person! 

Download your REMIX card below!


Car Wash 

As the weather gets warmer, people are going to want to was the winter residue off and enter the season with a clean exterior with a car wash. Your youth group can come together one Saturday and plan to wash cars either through donation or a set price. 

Download the car wash materials checklist below!





Rummage Sale


I'm sure you've heard of the saying "one person's trash is another person's treasure." Hosting a rummage sale is just that plus it's environmentally friendly and pretty simple. Encourage your congregation to go through their rooms, kitchens, closets, etc. for things they wouldn't mind donating. Your youth can advertise the sale to the public and set up tables and prices the night before to sell to the community!


Movie Night 


A movie night is a really easy fundraiser for your youth group. Select a movie that is fun and sell tickets for entry. You can make a concession stand selling snacks such as popcorn, pop, chips, candy, juice boxes, etc. You can also create signs and posters in your youth group. Consider opening it up to your community and doubling it as an outreach event!


Bake Sale 


A bake sale is an extremely delicious way to fundraise. You can ask your congregation if they would like to donate cookies, cakes, pastries, etc. You can also sell coffee and tea! Make a sign-up list so you know what everyone is bringing. Set a date and time and make sure to give participants enough time to bake something fresh!


*Make sure that you get a list of the ingredients so you can be mindful of any allergies!


Sporting Event

Hosting a sporting event is a great way to bring your congregation together. Whether it be the Super Bowl, World Championship, or any other sporting event, you can watch the game on a big screen projector and provide snacks or make it a potluck. You can charge a fee for entry or ask for donations and then have fun!

For more fundraising ideas, click here.

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