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Register for Premix 2023


Register yourself


Fill out the registration form below to sign up your group for Toronto PREMIX 2023. Registration is only required by the church leader. We ask parents and youth to connect with your church leader to register.

Once you've submitted, you will receive an email from our Toronto PREMIX Core Team with more details, instructions, and deposit information.

Is this your first time attending Premix?


Download the application form


While you wait for our email, download the application form send it out to your students, parents and leaders to be completed.


Collect forms and fees, and send with your deposit


Make sure you make a copy of your students' application forms and send them all to us with your groups deposit. You can send the forms to the Toronto PREMIX Core Team at

Details on where to send deposits and payments will be given in our email after registration.


You're all set!

Once you've sent in your forms and your deposit, you've officially registered! Final numbers of participants for your group must be given by April 11, 2023. 

The remainder of your group's balance and participant fees are due on April 21, 2021.


For more questions about registration, please contact either the Toronto PREMIX Core Team at or Premix Director Sue Banik at

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